WooCommerce Crowdfunding

WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin for WordPress crowdfunding sites, what a great idea.

Crowdfunding is a hot idea these days, and many people would love to have a plugin that builds a crowdfunding platform on top of WordPress.

There are some iffy solutions out there, but none that we think are absolutely great. So we’re building one from the ground up.

If you’ve familiar with KickStarter or IndieGoGo, then you already have a good idea of where we’re going with this plugin. Our WooCommerce Crowdfunding solution has features that make it a cross between KickStarter and IndieGoGo. People can post their projects, accept donations, and offer perks.

If you’re extremely familiar with crowdfunding platforms then you know there are basically two types of funding models: All or nothing, and, Keep what you raise. The former is the KickStarter model – you post a project looking to raise a certain amount of money, and if you meet or exceed that funding goal you get all the funds. But if you don’t meet the funding goal you don’t get anything. The latter, keep what you raise, is the IndieGoGo model. In that model no matter how much money your raise, you get to keep it – even if you don’t meet your entire funding goal.

The current goal for WooCommerce Crowdfunding is to make it support both funding models, and you – the administrator – get to choose which model to use across your entire site.

A huge plus – especially when compared to other crowdfunding solutions, is that our WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin can accept donation payments with over 80 different payment gateways, which gives you a load of flexibility.

Update: September 19. 2013

We’re nearly finished building the first ever WooCommerce Crowdfunding platform!  The hotrod plugin lets you set up your own WordPress crowdfunding site using WooCommerce and a variety of funding types. For example, if you want to go with IndieGoGo model where projects are “keep what you raise” style, and you don’t intend to take a percentage of project pledges then you can use any of over 100+ payment gateways available for WooCommerce. If you intend to use the KickStarter model of “all or nothing” style funding, or if you take a percentage of each pledge in the “keep what you raise” model, then your payment gateway options become fewer due to the way payments must be handled.

In those latter cases, right now we have complete support for WePay and PayPal, and we’ll be adding support for other gateways in the near future.

As for overall plugin development status, it’s about 95% complete. We have a beta tester setting a large crowdfunding site in New Orleans, and we’re working fast to get the software completely ready and debugged.  The plugin works with any theme that fully supports WooCommerce. People that want to get their projects funded can land on a page of your site and post their project easily, including their funding goal, perks, videos, images, and more.  All projects are managed as WooCommerce products. And payment processing is handled automatically under the hood regardless of what funding model you decide to use on your site.

We’ll be posting more about this as development progresses. For now other features are top secret. But stay tuned, we’ll give you more info soon.