PayPal Payouts Pro

PayPal Payouts Before you begin with Payouts You must have a PayPal business account to use Payouts, and Payouts is not enabled by default in your PayPal account. To use PayPal Payouts you must be approved by PayPal. After requesting access to Payouts they will review your account and your… Continue reading »

Login & Redirect to Previous Page

  The plugin is simple to use: Install on your site, activate the plugin on the Plugins page in WordPress, that’s it!  With that done it works automatically. The way it works is this: When a shopper lands on the My Account page of your site (or whatever you may… Continue reading »

Email Notifications

First adjust tyhe plugin’s main settings, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration Email Notifications to view the settings, be sure to save the settings at least once. Then navigate to WooCommerce -> Email Notifications. Add a new notification by clicking the button to do so near the top of… Continue reading »

Cart Discounts

Configuration Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> Cart Discounts. Adjust the basic settings to suit your needs, and note that you can hover over the question mark icon to see a description of each setting. To add new discount rules click the Add Rule button near the bottom… Continue reading »

Quick Order Forms

Getting Started  Navigate to WooCommerce -> Quick Order Forms  Click the Add Quick Order Form button near the top of the screen  Give the form a title. Shoppers will not see this title, it’s for your reference only  Adjust the settings to control what appears on the quick order form… Continue reading »

Dropshipping Suppliers Pro

1. Getting Started After installing and activating the plugin, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> Drop Shipping. There you will find the general settings, most of which are related to the PDF packing slip content and are self-explanatory. However, a couple of the settings may need clarification: Enable… Continue reading »

Vendor Marketplace Pro – Pay to Post

  Install and activate the plugin. Then create one or more products to sell credits to post product and/or feature products on your site. Give the product a title. For example: Product Posting Credits. Set the product type to Vendor Post Credits or Vendor Feature Post Credits. Set the price… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Minimum / Maximum Totals & Quantities

Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration   Global rule definitions Min Subtotal – the minimum cart subtotal that a buyer must have in their cart before being allowed to checkout. Do not use a currency symbol. If you leave this field blank then no minimum order subtotal will be… Continue reading »

Password Protected Private Site & Categories

Getting Started In your WordPress admin area, Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> Password Protected Private Site. First adjust all the settings. Then when you’re ready to have the plugin protect your site check the Enable box and save the settings. There are several ways to adjust the… Continue reading »

Vendor Marketplace Pro

  Table of Contents Configuration Email Messages PayPal Adaptive Payments Vendor Shipping Module Dashboard and Reviews Widgets Manually Creating Vendors Warnings Mass Pay Cron Jobs Shipping Info Shortcodes Payment Accounts PayPal Payouts Customization Translators Payment Gateway Developers Be sure to read all of the information below carefully so that you… Continue reading »

Wholesale Pro Suite

Global Plugin Settings Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Wholesale Pro Suite. There you’ll find a series of sub-tabs for each aspect of the plugin. Settings Tab The plugin introduces three settings: Role Only Filter and Retail Filtering, and Taxes. When Role Only Filter is enabled and a user is… Continue reading »

Super Coupons

Documentation Install the plugin and activate it. IMPORTANT: active your license key. Add or edit a coupon. There you will find all the new coupon settings added by this extension. Shipping Coupons WooCommerce Super Coupons adds 3 new shipping coupon types: Shipping Discount flat amount, Shipping Discount % amount, and… Continue reading »

Hot Deals

  Description Hot Deals Pro lets you schedule special deals on select products. It works with simple products, variable products, and variations of a product. Grouped products and other product types are not supported. Configuration 1. Activate the plugin 2. Create a product category for your “Deal of the Day”… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Daily Deals

  First, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> General and scroll down to the Daily Deals section, adjust the settings to suit your needs. To create a daily deal product, add a new product or edit an existing product. In the product’s General settings tab locate and check “Limited deal”… Continue reading »

PayPal Pro

    Configuration Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout Select PayPal Pro. Adjust the settings to suit your needs. Enable – Enable the payment method Title – Enter a title to be shown on the checkout page Description – Enter a description shown to shoppers when they select this… Continue reading »

Use My Shipper

  If you use shipping zones navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Shipping Zones, add the method to whichever zones you prefer, and configure its settings within the zone. If you’re not using shipping zones, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Use My Shipper and configure… Continue reading »

Free Shipper Banner Notices

  Configuration Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping It’s a shipping method that you must add to a shipping zone. If you haven’t added any zones then add it to the default zone “Locations not covered by your other locations”, otherwise add it to which zones that you want… Continue reading »

Tax Exempt

  The plugin is very simply to use: – Install the plugin into WordPress and activate it. – Edit a user account. In the list of account settings check the box label Tax Exempt to disable charging sales tax for the user. – Optionally set a Tax ID, this is… Continue reading »

Fedex Drop Shipping

You must have a Fedex account to use this plugin! Install the plugin to your site and active it. Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Fedex Configure the settings to suit your needs. Be sure to enter your Fedex credentials ( Account number, Password, Meter number, and API… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Product Fees & Cart Fees

Global Plugin Settings Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> Product Fees. On the page you can set a default fee and global fee rules. The default fee can be set to be applied Per Product, Per Quantity of Product, Per Order Always, and Per Order Fallback. Per Product… Continue reading »

Tab Control Pro

Video Overview Settings Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration, then locate the Tab Control Pro settings section. Enable: This controls visibility of your custom tab configurations. Leave this set to Admins & Shop Managers until you’re ready to have the public view your custom tab arrangements – at which… Continue reading »

Phone Orders & Manual Orders

Plugin Configuration Install the plugin and activate it. Then navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration and look for the Phone Orders & Manual Orders section. Copy the shortcode that you see under the page selection setting.  Leave that page open, then open a new tab to create a new… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Free Gifts

  WooCommerce Free Gifts lets you award shoppers a free gift if their cart subtotal reaches a certain threshold set by you, the store administrator. Before you begin using it you need to adjust the settings. Settings Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> Free Gifts Adjust the settings… Continue reading »

Cart Based Flat Rate Shipping

Cart Based Flat Rates lets you define sets of rates. You can choose to calculate rates per item, per shipping class, per order, per the total weight of items in the cart, per the cart subtotal, or the quantity of items in the cart.  To adjust the settings navigate to… Continue reading »

Shipping Coupons

  You can use this plugin in one of two ways, or both: For shipping discounts: Create a new coupon, set the type to “Shipping Discount”, “Shipping Discount %” set the amount of the discount, and adjust any of other coupon settings to suit your needs. When the coupon is… Continue reading »

Free Shipping for Users & Roles

  Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping – Free Shipping for Users & Roles Adjust the settings to suit your needs. Method title is used as the default title when a rule matches but you have not defined a title for the rule. The availability setting and countries setting… Continue reading »

USPS Drop Shipping Pro

  WooCommerce USPS Drop Shipping Pro is incredibly easy to use. Activate the plugin and navigate to the WooCommerce shipping settings area. Select USPS. Now configure the options. Be sure to set your shipping origin zip code. You can optionally use your own USPS account User ID, or just use… Continue reading »

Tiered Pricing Filters

Before using the Tiered Pricing Filters plugin you must have our Tiered Pricing plugin active on your site. Activate the plugin and navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> Tiered Pricing Filters The plugin introduces three settings: Tiered Filtering and Retail Filtering, and Taxes. When Tiered Filtering is enabled… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor Pro

  Building and Modifying Forms Navigate to WooCommerce -> Checkout Fields You’ll find 3 forms, one for Billing, Shipping, and “Other”. The Billing and Shipping forms are self explanatory. The “Other” form will appear below the billing and shipping fields on your checkout page, assuming your site theme uses a… Continue reading »

Gift Wrap Orders

    Configuration You first need to create a gift wrap product in your store. This product can be simple or variable. Define a title Define an optional description Set the Catalog Visibility option to Hidden ( find that setting Publish box at the top right side of the product… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

  Installation Download the zip file to your computer and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload to upload the zip file. After uploading click the link to activate the plugin. Configuration There are 4 basic steps in configuring your table rates: Get your shipping rates from your shipping… Continue reading »

WooCommerce UPS Drop Shipping

INSTALLATION AND SETUP Plugin Configuration Activate the plugin and go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping Methods.-> UPS Drop Shipping Configure the settings – don’t forget to obtain a UPS Access Key! To obtain your UPS access key, go to Click on the “Register with My UPS” link (if… Continue reading »