WooCommerce Password Protected Private Site & Categories

WooCommerce Password Protected Private Site & Categories


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Need a way to create a private store with WooCommerce?

Need to a way to password protect product categories?


WooCommerce Password Protected Private Site & Categories lets you do that easily:


Make your entire store private

Easily lock and hide your entire store including your main shop page, product pages, product categories, product tags the cart and the checkout pages, even the My Account page if you need to.

Hide and lock specific product categories

Easily lock and hide specific product categories and tag categories while leaving the remainder of your store open and accessible to everyone. It’s easy with this extension.


Hide Store-related Menu Items and Widgets

Instantly hide all store-related menu links, product categories, tags and widgets until the user logins in or enters a private password.

  Discourage Search Engine Indexing

Optionally turn on settings that instruct search engines not to index your entire private site, or just the categories that are made private.


Automatic Redirects

Optionally redirect users if they access a store-related page without been authorized yet. And you can optionally redirect users after they successfully enter a password to access the store. Either way, you gain granular control.

Custom Password Entry Form

Automatically insert a custom password entry form on any store-related page when someone access a page without been authorized yet. Turn on a settings and you’re done. Or use a shortcode and to create your own login page or sidebar login form.


General Operation:

Make your store private and require either a secret password for access, or user login for access. When you allow the use of secret passwords then you can define 1 or more passwords, give them whoever you want to, and no user account is required to access your store. A user simply enters a password to unlock access to your store. The same process takes affect when you make specific categories private.


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All of our software comes with great support via email and phone.

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Current plugin version: 2.0

Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.4 and newer


Settings when protecting the entire siteSettings when protecting specific categories

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Version 2.0 - Version 2.0 - October 1, 2017

	Initial public release 
Version 1.5 - September 2017

	Added restrictions for categories, users, and roles

Version 1.0 - September 2017

	In-house development and testing

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