Here’s the boring legal stuff our attorneys ask us to make known:

IgniteWoo™ is our long standing trademark – since at least September 2011 – and our logos are legal trademarks and uniquely identify our products and services. As such we are obligated to protect our trademarks and regulate their use.

While many people would like to use our trademarks for various purposes, we cannot always accommodate such requests. You may use our trademarks only in accordance with the guidelines below:

  • You must obtain our expressed permission to use our trademarks. You may however make use of them within the boundaries of “fair use” laws as governed by the USA. Such use cases include news reporting, editorial content, etc.
  • Unless you’re referring to the company directly, use a generic term for our products and services following the trademark, for example: IgniteWoo software, IgniteWoo plugins.
  • Use only artwork approved by us when using our logos. For example, our advertising artwork and company logos clearly show acceptable forms of graphical representation.

Things You Can’t Do

  • One of the conditions for all uses is that you can’t remove, distort or alter any element of our trademarks.
  • Don’t display our trademarks on electronic or printed materials that violate applicable law or regulations.
  • Don’t incorporate our trademarks into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names.
  • Don’t copy or imitate the IgniteWoo trade dress. This includes the look and feel of our web designs, color combinations, typography, graphic designs, icons, logos, or imagery associated with IgniteWoo.
  • Don’t manipulate or change the IgniteWoo logos.  Ensure that the IgniteWoo logo is not next to your logo to imply an association.
  • Don’t adopt any marks, logos, names, slogans, or designs that are confusingly similar to our trademarks.
  • Don’t register our trademarks as second-level domain names, and don’t use our trademarks as part of your DNS host names.
  • Don’t use our marks on merchandise without our expressed written consent.
  • Don’t use our trademarks in a way that suggests a generic, common, or descriptive meaning.
  • Unless expressly given permission to do so, do not imply an endorsement or relationship with IgniteWoo.

If you have questions about usage, or have a request for clarification, or need permission to use our trademarks, or need clarification on our current logos then contact us via phone or via the contact page at this site.