Do you have demos?

No we do not. With nearly 100 WooCommerce extensions for sale it’d be very time consuming to maintain that many demos sites. But we’re happy to answer all of your questions before you make a purchase.

Where is your documentation?

Navigate to Software -> Documentation

How do I check for updates to your software?

First make sure you license key(s) are active on your site. Then force WordPress to check for updates at any time by going to Dashboard -> Updates. On that page click the “Check Again” button. Any available updates should appear.  Note that this is necessary because WordPress only automatically checks for updates every 12 hours, or thereabouts.

How do I activate my license key?

On your plugins page there should be a message at the top asking you to install the IgniteWoo Updater plugin. Do that.

Then navigate to Dashboard -> IgniteWoo Licenses

On that page you’ll find a list of each our plugins installed on your site, beside each plugin name is a box to enter your key and a button to activate the key.

With that done WordPress will automatically look for updates to our plugins.

Or, you can force WordPress to check for updates at any time by going to Dashboard -> Updates. On that page click the “Check Again” button

How can I move my license key, or deactivate and reactivate my license key?

Moving your license:

If you have access to the site where the license is currently active, login to the WordPress admin area and navigate to Dashboard -> IgniteWoo Licenses.  There you’ll find a button to deactivate a license.

If you don’t have access to the site where the license is currently active, or the site in question doesn’t appear to have an activated key, then login to your My Account page at IgniteWoo, look for the My Licenses section, find the license key in the list, and deactivate the license key there.

Then reactivate the license on the site where you want to use the software.

Deactivate and reactivate:

First deactivate the license key on your site by navigating to the menu Dashboard -> IgniteWoo Licenses. On that page click the Deactivate button for the plugin in question.

Next, double check that the deactivation took place successfully by visiting your My Account page at IgniteWoo. In the licenses area of your account page there might be a Deactivate button if the license deactivation on your site didn’t synchronize properly with the IgniteWoo site. Click that deactivate button.

Now, return to your site’s admin area, navigateto the menu Dashboard -> IgniteWoo Licenses, paste in your license key, and click the activate button.

How long are licenses valid?

For one year and you must have an active license to receive updates and support. The software will continue working when your license expires, but you don’t get any further updates and support. You can renew and receive an automatic discount on the cost if you renew before expiration. It’s your responsibility to note when your license expires, however our site typically sends you a notice starting at 30 days before expiration, then again at 14 days prior, and 7 days prior.

How do I renew or upgrade my license key?

You can renew or upgrade your key if you do so before it expires. To renew, login to the account that was used to make the purchased, copy the relevant license key from your My Account page, navigate to the product page for the item that wish want to renew or upgrade. Next, select the number of licenses in the dropdown list. If you’re renewing then select the same license that you purchased previously. If you’re upgrading select a license greater than the original purchase. Paste your key into the field below the add to cart area. Select “Upgrade” or “Renew” from the dropdown list below the license key field, then click the button to proceed and the item will be added to your cart with the corresponding discount for renewal or upgrading.