Subscription Information

Subscription Information

How long is my subscription?

A subscription endures for 1 year and is renewed automatically each year. This entitles you to support and updates for your products for another year.

What do I receive when renewing my subscription?

Renewing your subscription entitles you to support and updates to your product. This ensures compatibility with newer versions of WordPress and WooCommerce as well as bug fixes, new features and enhancements to the product.

How do I renew my subscription?

Auto-renew is enabled for your subscription by default and it renews on the due date at which time your card is charged. An email notification and a receipt are sent to you to confirm that you paid for another year.

You are sent a renewal reminder email 30, 14, 7 and 2 days prior to the subscription renewal date. These emails are also sent if auto-renew is disabled. You can find the renewal date of your subscription(s) on your  My Account page.

How much does it cost to renew my subscription?

Subscriptions are billed annually at the purchase price. Coupon codes or other promotional discounts might not apply to renewals.

What happens when a subscription expires or is deactivated?

If your subscription expires or did not auto-renew you can continue to use the product on your site for as long as you like but you can no longer access the file for download or receive support or updates for the product. Keep in mind the any extension might stop working properly when it becomes incompatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce. Therefore it’s important that you maintain access to the latest updates and support.

Note that you can download the product(s) before a subscription expires and keep a copy for later use.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes, you can disable auto-renew for your subscription(s) from your My Account page at any time. When you disable auto-renew you will no longer be automatically charged for renewal and when the subscription expires you can no longer download the product and you are no longer eligible to receive the latest software updates and support.