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Need to integrate WooCommerce and Shipworks?

WooCommerce ShipWorks Pro is the original ShipWorks integration for WooCommerce and it is the most powerful solution available.

This extension completely automates your integration, and it’s easy to set up and use.

Just configure the settings once, copy the endpoint URL, configure it into your ShipWorks desktop software as a “Generic Module”,  and you’re done!

From that point on the Shipworks Pro plugin delivers your orders to your Shipworks desktop application on-demand. No export/import process required.

  • Download orders based specific order statuses – including any custom statuses that your store uses.
  • Add order notes in the ShipWorks desktop software and have them automatically synchronized back to the order on your Web site.
  • Automatically synchronize tracking numbers back to the order on your Web site, and optionally have them automatically emailed to the customer.
  • Works with WooCommerce High Performance Order System (HPOS)..
  • Works with the Sequential Order Numbers and Sequential Order Numbers Pro extensions.

Comes with great support via email and phone!

Compatibility: WooCommerce 4.0 and newer

Current version: 2.1.1


We keep all of our software up to date with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you don't see any recent changes below it's because none have become necessary!

Version 2.1.1 - May 16, 2024

	Convert logging code to use WooCommerce logging subsystem. New log files are named shipworks-log.
	Correct the add_filter call used to filter the order query related to the use of sequential order number plugins

Version 2.1 - May 15, 2024

	Save order after updating status or adding order note with tracking number

Version 2.0 - April 15, 2024

	PHP 8.x compatibility
	WooCommerce HPOS compatibility
	WooCommerce 8.x compatibility

Version 1.7.1 - December 4, 2022

	Ensure $item is not empty before calling count()

Version 1.7 - July 8, 2022

	Add support for "YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number Premium"

Version 1.6 - April 12, 2019

	Updated support for "Sequential Order Numbers" (from woocommerce.com)
	Added support for "YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number"

Version 1.5.11 - November 15, 2018

	Added support for Sequential Order Numbers (from woocommerce.com) when updating the order status
Version 1.5.10 - August 24, 2018

	Removed debug code

Version 1.5.9 - August 24, 2018

	Updated for PHP 7.0+ compatibility when updating the order status and sending tracking numbers

Version 1.5.8 - May 30, 2018

	Load correct countries class file
	Switched chosen to select2 for the settings page

Version 1.5.7 - March 20, 2018

	Added missing variable for sites running newer versions of WooCommerce

Version 1.5.6 - February 19, 2017

	Fixed writing order notes to have all 3 required parameters

Version 1.5.5 - August 8, 2016

	Added hook for inserting additional custom order details

Version 1.5.4 - June 3, 2015

	Check to determine if the order number is purely numeric, if not, clean it up and store original order number in a note

Version 1.5.3 - October 28, 2014

	Updated to prevent class loading if WooCommerce isn't active, such as during WooCommerce upgrades

Version 1.5.2 - October 20, 2014

	Updated processing for when ShipWorks desktop software needs to change the status of an order

Version 1.5.1 - September 29, 2014

	Tweaked order statuses sent to ShipWorks desktop software from WooCommerce 2.2.x

Version 1.5 - September 9, 2014

	WooCommerce 2.2 compatibility

Version 1.4.12 - May 2, 2014

	Updated to include customer notes if any were provided when the customer placed the order

Version 1.4.11 - April 18, 2014

	Updated to support item prices that have been discounted via a coupon

Version 1.4.10 - April 4, 2014

	Added manually query in the event that order status terms returns empty. Helps with sites that load in an odd way.

Version 1.4.9 - April 1, 2014

	Updated status retrieval to always send all statuses, even if any of them are empty
	Updated order number retrieval to allow for hooks to fire in case a plugin needs to modify the order number

Version 1.4.8 - March 31, 2014

	Ensure support for Sequential Order Numbers plugin - free and pro versions

Version 1.4.7 - March 13, 2014

	Updated to obtain the full shipping method

Version 1.4.6 - February 14, 2014

	WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility

Version 1.4.5 - January 30, 2014

	Tweaked order status array handling

Version 1.4.4 - January 15, 2014

	Added new setting to allow selection of which order statuses to use when filtering products before sending to ShipWorks.

Version - November 13, 2013

	Updated to better handle empty order values

Version - November 12, 2013

	Further checking to ensure values that should be numeric are put into decimal format - helps with the stores whose orders contain errors.
Version - November 6, 2013

	Force values that should be numeric into decimal format - helps with the stores whose orders contain errors.

Version - July 30, 2013

	Adjust order and cart discounts handling. If order discount exists then it takes precendence over cart discount. 

Version - July 29, 2013

	Fixed a typo in the XML - "substract" => "subtract"
Version 1.4.3 - July 26, 2013

	Fixed Cart Discount value in XML

Version 1.4.3 - June 26, 2013

	Add code to skip order items if the products no longer exist in the store. This helps those stores that want to sync every order - even very old orders - when first installing the plugin and synchronizing the ShipWorks desktop software with WooCommerce.
	Fixed - strip thousands sep from unit prices to meet XML schema for decimal numbers.
Version - May 14, 2013

	Fixed attribute lookup code

Version 1.4.2 - May 14, 2013

	Disabled PHP warning message reporting

Version 1.4.1 - May 13, 2013

	Added better support for variation attributes when using WooCommerce 2.x

Version 1.4 - March 21, 2013

	Fixed date stamp issues for queries and XML output, this should resolve conditions where in some rare cases order downloading looped endlessly. 
Version 1.3.7 - March 5, 2013

	Updated to support WooCommerce 2.x
Version 1.3.6 -January 4, 2013

	Updated to support automatic updates
Version 1.3.5 - December 6, 2012

	- Fixed issue with orders notes not being downloaded

Version 1.3.4 - December 2, 2012

	- Fixed issue with item price decimal place becoming rounded

Version 1.3.3 - November 30, 2012

	- Tweaked to support multisite installs

Version 1.3.2 - November 29, 2012

	- Fixed minor bug in the logging feature where the entire output might not be written 
	into the log file when debugging is turned on

Version 1.3.1 - November 2, 2012

	- Added support for Sequential Order Numbers plugin

Version 1.3.0 - November 2, 2012

	- Added xml.txt debug logging

	- Added checking for empty numeric amounts in order aspects, correct this error in ShipWorks: 

		"The 'Total' element is invalid - The value " is invalid according to its
		datatype 'Decimal' - The string " is not a valid Decimal value."

	- Corrected UnitPrice to be the single item cost of an item

Version 1.2.9 - Sept 12, 2012

	- Added code to bypass empty order notes, both incoming and outgoing

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Easily connect your store to your ShipWorks desktop shipping software for streamlined automation.

All of our plugins come with great support via email and phone.

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