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WooCommerce Cart Based Weight Based Flat Rate Shipping

WooCommerce Cart Based Flat Rate Shipping


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WooCommerce Cart Based Flat Rate Shipping is a powerful flat rate shipping module that has all the functionality of flat rate shipping module built into WooCommerce, and whole lot more, including weight based shipping, item count based shipping, and cart subtotal based shipping.

This powerful shipping module  lets you define sets of a flexible set of rates by choosing to calculate a base calculation method and then defining your rate parameters. For example, want to charge shipping based on the number of items in the cart? No problem. Want to charge shipping based on the weight of items in the cart? That’s easy too. Need to charge a flat rate for items depending on their shipping class? You can definitely do that as well. And more. Here are the 6 basic calculation methods you gain by using Cart Based Flat Rates Shipping:

Per Order – charge shipping for the entire order as a whole
Per Item – charge shipping for each item individually
Per Class – charge shipping for each shipping class in an order
Cart Subtotal – charge shipping based on cart subtotal
Item Count – charge shipping based on the total number of items in the cart
Item Weight – charge shipping based on the weight of all items in the cart

For any particular calculation method you can set the base cost for the shipping method as a whole, then optionally set added costs and associated handling fees ( as a fixed amount or percentage amount ) that are added to the base cost. When the module calculates shipping the shopper sees a shipping option ( with the label of your choice ) along with the associated total shipping cost.

You can also configure additional options that appears as additional selections for the shopper to choose from. For example, want to offer expedited overnight shipping for any extra $10 ? You can do that.  Want to offer a discount of 5% if the shopper chooses a less expensive slower method of shipping? You can do that too.

Cart Based Flat Rates combines the best of several shipping modules all into one easy to use, easy to configure shipping module to give you great flexibility for calculating your shipping options.

Comes with great support via email and phone!

Current Version: 2.1


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Version 2.1 - February 6, 2015

	Initial public release 
Version 2.0

	WooCommerce 2.3.x compatibility 
	Added new setting to exclude specific locations when configuring availability

Version 1.0

	Private development and internal testing

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