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Need a way to handle WooCommerce Gift Wrap services?

WooCommerce Gift Wrap lets you easily add gift wrap service to any product in your store. You can offer the service free or for an additional fee.

( Note: This plugin handles gift wrapping on a per-product basis. If you want to offer gift wrapping for the entire order use our WooCommerce Gift Wrap Orders plugin instead.)

You can enable gift wrapping for all products in your store, or selectively allow gift wrapping on specific products. And, you can set a storewide price for gift wrapping, or make it free, or set different gift wrap prices for specific products.

You can set the price of gift wrapping globally so that it applies across all products, or you you set different pricing for different products.

You can also optionally upload images that show what your gift wrapping options look like so shoppers can choose which wrapping style they want to receive. Shoppers see thumbnails of your gift wrapping option images. When they click an image it zooms to shows a close-up detailed view. (See the screenshots tab above this description).

And, you can upload or enable / disable different gift wrap images on specific products. So for example, you can offer one set of gift wrapping styles for Product A, and offer a completely different set of wrapping styles on Product B.

Plus you can optionally allow shoppers to specify a gift message for the outside of the package and / or the inside of the package.

When a shopper opts to have their purchase gift wrapped, all of their wrapping options are added to their order for your easy review.

  • Enable gift wrap storewide for all products, or only on selected products.
  • Optionally upload gift wrap sample images so you shoppers can choose a style
  • Add your gift wrap sample images globally for all products, and/or add different samples when editing a product
  • Optionally give your gift wrap sample images unique titles, the titles appear in the order details for your easy review
  • Set a storewide price for gift wrapping, and/or set different gift wrapping prices for different products

WooCommerce Gift Wrap is a great add-on for your store to help bring in extra money on every sale and give your shoppers that extra special personalized shopping experience.

See the screenshots tab at the top of this description to view the settings and what a product and cart page might look like with gift wrapping enabled.


Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.0 and newer

Current version: 3.2

WooCommerce Gift Wrap - Main SettingsWooCommerce Gift Wrap - Product SettingsWooCommerce Gift Wrap - Product PageWooCommerce Gift Wrap - Cart

We keep all of our software up to date with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you don't see any recent changes below it's because none have become necessary!

Version 3.2 - February 12, 2024

	PHP 8 compatibility
	WooCommerce 8.5 compatibility
	High performance order system (HPOS) compatibility

Version 3.1.1 - June 10, 2022

	Update fonts for prettyPhoto CSS

Version 3.1 - February 8, 2021 

	Added new setting to allow disabling gift wrap options for specific user roles

Version 3.0.11 - October 23, 2019 

	Ensure that when saving product-based gift wrap images the global image settings are not reset. 
Version 3.0.10 - September 5, 2019

	WooCommerce 3.7 compatibility
	Ensure settings save properly in WC 3.7+

Version 3.0.9 - November 8, 2018

	Return cart item data for woocommerce_add_cart_item_data filter function

Version 3.0.8 - November 6, 2018

	Added and adjusted CSS to avoid conflict with Flatsome theme icons. 

Version 3.0.7 - September 24, 2018

	Ensure that the HTML form is only inject once, helps with themes that have bad behavior

Version 3.0.6 - September 24, 2018

	Updated logic for deciding whether a product has gift wrap enabled either in the product or globally for all products
	Ensure gift wrap title carries over into the order data 
	Fixed HTML typo in the gift wrap image title setting for single products

Version 3.0.5 - August 8, 2018

	Renamed the "Use Storewide Samples" product setting to "Edit Gift Wrap Samples" to better reflect the intent and operation of the setting. 
	Fixed broken Javascript for removing gift wrap images in a product

Version 3.0.4 - May 18, 2018

	Ensure that if the gift wrap images are empty that the resulting variable is an empty array
	When the global setting is on to enable gift wrap for all product, if the product doesn't have its own images use the global gift wrap images

Version 3.0.3 - October 16, 2017

	Enhanced validation of adding to cart for various versions of WooCommerce to ensure that a product cannot be added to the cart if the gift wrap option is selected for the product no wrapping style has been selected.
	Enhanced gift wrap selection display for better use on mobile. Clicking the image selects the gift wrap style, click the magnifier icon of an image shows a zoomed version.
	Ensure products can have gift wrap enabled without having any global or product-based gift wrap images to show. This allows the sale of gift wrapping for a product without having the customer see and select a gift wrap style. 

Version 3.0.2 - October 16, 2017

	Ensure gift wrap options do not appear if the global setting to enable it for all products is off and the product settings don't have it turned on. 

Version 3.0.1 - October 5, 2017

	Validate add to cart action if the gift wrap option is selected, wrapping style samples are enabled and provided, but no wrapping style is selected by the shopper

Version 3.0 - October 4, 2017

	Entire code rewrite 
	Version numbering changed to use semantic version numbers
	Added ability to give gift wrap images titles
	Ensure wrap image titles are written into the customer's order
	Added prettyPhoto to display larger images
	Increased size of the view and select icons on single product pages
	Replace icon images with an icon font
	Moved settings to its own tab: Gift Wrap

Version 1.8.1 - May 15, 2017

	WooCommerce 3.x compatbility

Version 1.8 - May 18, 2016

	Added setting to allow admin to control labels for inner and outer message settings

Version 1.7.5 - November 23, 2014

	Corrected "Outer Message" label seen in the cart

Version 1.7.4 - February 14, 2014

	WooCommerce 2.1 compatbility
Version 1.7.3 - December 10, 2013

	Surpress PHP warning messages for type casting.

Version 1.7.2 - November 11, 2013

	Fixed: Message boxes didn't appear if the option to display gift wrapping images was turned off

Version 1.7.1 - November 4, 2013

	Updated hook priorities so that gift wrap hooks run later than most other plugins

Version 1.7 - July 3, 2013

	Initial public release

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Offer your shoppers a rage of different gift wrapping for specific products at an extra cost.

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