WooCommerce PayPal Payflow Pro

Looking for WooCommerce PayPal PayFlow Pro?

Our WooCommerce PayPal PayFlow Pro extension adds the Payflow Pro payment option to your store so you can accept credit card payments directly on your site and shoppers never leave your site.

Easy to setup and configure, works with WooCommerce 3.0 and later.

  • Enable “authorize” only. In this mode you can capture the funds later when viewing an order.
  • Enable “authorize and capture”. In this mode funds are captured immediately when the order is  received.
  • Capture payment for an order when viewing an order in the WP admin area (great when using authorize mode).
  • Handles order refunds with ease
  • Optionally store minimal card info including last 4 digits of the card, expiration date, and CVV code.
  • Optionally enable PayPal fraud filters for address verification ( AVS ) and card security code ( CSC ) verification.
  • Stores PayPal’s payment transaction reference numbers ( PNREF and PPREF ) for easy retrieval.
  • Sends line items and shipping address to PayPal to help with order fulfillment.


IgniteWoo - PayPal Partner

IgniteWoo is an official PayPal Partner. When you buy any of our PayPal plugins you get personal”white glove” account assistance from PayPal – contact us for details!

This plugin was tested by PayPal’s developer team and confirmed to work correctly!

All of our plugins come with great support via email and phone.

Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.0 and newer

Current version: 1.5.6


Payflow Pro - Example checkout page form

We keep all of our software up to date with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you don't see any recent changes below it's because none have become necessary!

Version 1.5.6 - November 5, 2022

	Remove 'debugrecipient' array element from settings

Version 1.5.5 - March 24, 2022

	Ensure captured amount is stored in the order meta adta when using "Authorize and Capture" mode

Version 1.5.4 - November 10, 2021

	Replace legacy WC function call to get the product for an order item

Version 1.5.3 - September 9, 2020

	Store card type if the setting to store minimal info is enabled

Version 1.5.2 - August 18, 2020
	Added ability to process order refunds
	Send order items to PayPal during transaction processing
	Send shipping address to PayPal during transaction processing
	Added "soft description", allows for specific text to show on a shopper's credit card statement
	Allowing logging when not in test mode
	Switched from using CURL to wp_remote_post() 

Version 1.5.1 - August 14, 2020

	Modified to use the card field form built into WC
	Switched to using WC logging subsystem

Version 1.5 - August 5, 2020

	Added functionality to capture payment in the order when the gateway is set to only do card authorization at checkout
	Added setting to enable storing minimal card info, helpful when exporting order data into order management systems
	Updated card field HTML for the checkout page
	Switch icons to use WC card icons 
Version 1.4.8 - March 6, 2020

	Ensure that the Partner name is sent during a transaction, inadvertently disabled in v1.4.7

Version 1.4.7 - February 26, 2020

	Added filter to allow changing the payment cards icon

Version 1.4.6 - May 21, 2019

	Ensure correct path is used for loading WC notice functions.

Version 1.4.5 - May 21, 2019

	Ensure the WC notices code is load before calling wc_add_notice(), helps with point of sale systems

Version 1.4.4 - September 1, 2017

	Updated to remove a check for the PPREF variable sometimes returned by PayPal, it is apparently not always return and not required

Version 1.4.3 - April 18, 2017

	Changed setting "has_fields" to true so that form fields display on newer versions of WooCommerce

Version 1.4.2 - October 19, 2016

	Added checking to guard against potential errors in PayPal's API.

Version 1.4.1 - April 14, 2015

	Replace deprecated functions

Version 1.4 - December 18, 2014

	Updated secure connection selection handling for PayPal

Version 1.3.9 - February 26, 2014

	Updated fraud filter processing to alert admins when an order needs a review

Version 1.3.8 - February 20, 2014

	Updated to support WooCommerce 2.1 end points

Version 1.3.7 - February 18, 2014

	Added setting to enable / disabled address verification check

Version 1.3.6 - November 5, 2013

	Updated TXN parameters

Version 1.3.5 - September 9, 2013

	Added shipping info to the transaction so that it shows up in PayPal
	Added Order ID number to the "Comment 1" field in PayPal Manager for easier order review

Version 1.3.4 - August 5, 2013

	Added 2 post meta fields for an order. "PPREF" and "PNREF" store the associated transaction info. 

Version 1.3.3 - March 5, 2013

	Added before account configuration error report. The plugin now shows the exact error returned by PayPal

	Removed encoding to handle passwords that have special characters
Version 1.3.2 - March 5, 2013

	Updated to support WooCommerce 2.x
Version 1.3.1 - January 4, 2013

	Updated to support automatic updates

Version 1.3 - November 10, 2012

	- Minor tweaks based on user feedback

Version 1.2

	- Initial public release

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A payment gateway that lets you can accept credit card payments so shoppers never leave your site.

All of our plugins come with great support via email and phone.

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A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each individual web site requires a license key, so choose the right license for your needs.