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WooCommerce PDF Stamper

WooCommerce PDF Stamper & Watermark


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Need a great WooCommerce PDF Stamper & Watermark tool to protect your PDF and eBook downloads?

Want to sell eBooks and PDF files in WordPress with strong PDF watermark protection and strong PDF security?

The plugin helps you protect your eBooks and other PDF files with passwords and strong permission protection, image watermarks, and text strings stamped into the header and/or footer of your PDF files.

When enabled, every PDF downloaded from your site will have protection added based on the settings you configure in the plugin – added on-the-fly automatically each time a shopper downloads one of your PDF files.  You can optionally enable passwords so that a password is required to open and view the PDF, and optionally set permissions to allow or restrict content copying, document printing, modifications, and annotations. And, your original PDF document size is maintained as well as all of your embedded links and annotations.

PDF Security Protection

Passwords can be randomly generated or you can opt to have the buyer’s email address be used as the password. Passwords are assigned on a per user basis, so if two different buyers purchase the same PDF they’ll each have a different password. Password protection helps prevent your PDF files from being shared on the file sharing sites, other Web sites, FTP sites, DropBox, via email, etc.

When you optionally enable permission protection you can choose from any or all of the following permissions:

  • Allow Printing – Whether the buyer is allowed to print the PDF file.
  • Allow Copying – Whether the buyer is allowed to copy or extract text and images from the PDF file.
  • Allow Modifications – Whether the buyer is allowed to edit the PDF file.
  • Allow Annotations – Whether the buyer can add annotations to the PDF file.

PDF Stamp Strings

You cans optionally add a text “stamp” to the header and/or footer of your PDF documents. You define the stamp text in the plugin settings, and you have the ability to easily insert any or all of the following information: Buyer’s name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, and email address. You can choose the font ( Courier, Helvetica, or Times ), the font size, font style, and font color.

Use the global stamp text in the plugin settings, or you can also set a unique stamp string for any product if you need the ability to use different stamp strings for different products.

PDF Watermarks

Add an image watermark to your PDF files easily. Simply upload your image, set the position for the watermark, set the transparency level ( to avoid having the image block the readability of the text ), and you’re done. Every page of your PDF file will automatically have the watermark inserted.

If you need to use unique watermarks for specific products you can do that too. Edit the product and choose a watermark image, and save the product – that’s all there is to it.

Unicode & UTF-8 Language Support

For non-English sites the plugin provides support for UTF-8 style character sets, commonly used for languages such as French, Spanish, German, Lithuanian, and many more.

Sample PDF Files

View sample PDF files stamped by WooCommerce PDF Stamper & Watermark by clicking the file links below. Each PDF is password protected ( the password is “test” without the quotes ) and also includes all available protections ( cannot extract content, print, modify, or annotate ).

PDF with a text stamp ( configured as a red text stamp in the header only, using fictitious info )

PDF with an image watermark

PDF with a text stamp and image watermark

Available Settings

See the “Screenshots” tab above to view the overall plugin settings. You’ll see what the settings look like when you only want to insert text stamps, or only want to insert an image watermark. Keep in mind that if you enable both modes ( text stamp and image watermark ) you’ll see a combination of both sets of settings on one page.  There’s also a screenshot showing you what individual product settings look like, where you can override the default stamp string and watermark image for any product when you need to. And note that you can optionally disable stamping PDFs attached to a given product.

As always this plugin comes with great professional support via email or phone.

Questions? Use the contact page to send us a message, or call us at the number listed at the top of this page. We’ll be happy to assist.

Compatibility: WooCommerce 2.4 and newer

Current Version: 2.4.4


WooCommerce PDF Stamper & Watermark - Text Stamp SettingsWooCommerce PDF Stamper & Watermark - Watermark SettingsWooCommerce PDF Stamper & Watermark - Product Settings

We keep all of our software up to date with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you don't see any recent changes below it's because none have become necessary!

Version 2.4.4 - June 13, 2018 

	Updated to support WC 3.4.x, send the download via the download() class method right after creation of the stamped copy.

Version 2.4.3 - September 21, 2017

	Fixed the "test" feature for the admin area, for testing settings. 

Version 2.4.2 - May 8, 2017

	New Feature: disable PDF stamping of files attached to any particular product

Version 2.4.1 - May 3, 2017

	WooCommerce 3.x compatibility

Version 2.4 - February 22, 2016

	Added support for Unicode / UTF-8 character sets used in languages that use a non-standard English language keyboard

Version 2.3.11 - May 5, 2015

	Image watermarking technology added !!!

Version 2.3.10 - January 26, 2015

	Modified password display on My Account page to only show a password field if a password is set. 

Version 2.3.9 - September 25, 2014

	Updated to support orders that involve user registration during checkout

Version 2.3.8 - July 21, 2014

	Tweaked password storage

Version 2.3.7 - July 21, 2014

	Updated to support margins closer to the bottom of the page

Version 2.3.6 - July 7, 2014

	Tweak password support for the older 2.0.x versions of WooCommerce

Version 2.3.5 - May 21, 2014

	Preserve clickable links

Version 2.3.4 - May 19, 2014

	Fixed inadvertant comment inserted by author of a 3rd PDF library

Version 2.3.3 - May 14, 2014

	Updated to maintain original PDF page size

Version 2.3.2 - March 5, 2014

	Update path replacement code
	Added available memory checking
	Added new setting to disable file caching for testing purposes

Version 2.3.1 - March 4, 2014

	Fixed stamp string variable for lastname

Version 2.3 - March 3, 2014

	Initial public release
Version 1.0 

	Private in-house development and testing

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