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WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro

The most powerful gift certificate, product voucher, and gift card plugin in the known universe.

Have a look at all these powerful features:

Fixed Price or Shopper’s Price

Sell gift certificates, gift vouchers, and gift cards with fixed prices, or you can allow your shoppers to set their own price. And, you can sell gift certificates as standalone products, or issue them as a bonus when an existing product is purchased.

PDF Vouchers

Create custom PDF vouchers templates with an easy drag and drop interface. Tailor them to fit your brand, and if you want create special vouchers for special occasions. And, they’re automatically delivered to your buyers, or the recipients specified by buyers.

QR Codes

Easily add QR codes that, when scanned by an administrator or shop manager brings you directly to the voucher’s details on your site, or the order details for the order in which the voucher was purchased – your choice.


Easily add barcodes. It’s a great features for redeeming in person in street-front store or venue, and integration into your point of sale system.

Custom Voucher Codes

Use your own custom voucher codes or let the software generate unique codes for you, and you can add your own prefix to the automatically generated codes.

Send as Text or PDF

Choose to have gift certificates, gift vouchers, and gift cards delivered via email as a regular text message, or a customized PDF voucher as a file attachment. You can even disable automatic delivery and deliver them via postal mail or in person.

Custom Email Messages

Customize the email message content of the message sent to buyers. Easily create different messages for different gift certificate, gift voucher, and gift card products.

Automatic Balance Tracking

Online voucher use is automatically tracked, so the software always knows the remaining balance when vouchers are used online in your web store. Shoppers can never use more than the remaining balance.

Control Validity and Restrictions

Optional set validity restrictions on your vouchers. For example, add an expiration date, include or exclude products the voucher can be used to purchase, and more.

Manually Create Vouchers

You can manually create gift certificates and store credits any time you need to, quickly and easily.

Use Online or Offline

Vouchers can be used online in your web store or offline in your store on the street, and you can usually integrate vouchers into your point of sale system if you have one.

High Performance

Designed to run smoothly on sites of all sizes. Gift Certificates Pro is high performance, professionally built and professionally supported. You can rely on it to help boost your sales.

  Five star support via email and phone

Partial Feature List
And, easy to use – check out this summary of features:

  • Sell gift certificates as standalone products, or as an added bonus to an existing product.
  • Optionally let your shoppers set the amount of the gift certificate they want to purchase, and you optionally define a minimum amount.
  • Optionally configure your gift certificate products as product variations for shoppers to easily pick an amount pre-defined by you.
  • Optionally add gift certificates / store credit / coupon codes to any product, and when someone buys that product they automatically receive the related voucher codes.
  • You set the voucher type and all other parameters  — just like creating a WooCommerce store coupon.
  • Voucher codes are automatically generated and issued to the buyer as soon as an order is marked as Processing or Completed, depending on which setting you choose.
  • Voucher codes are totally unique codes – for increased security.
  • Optionally supply your own list of voucher codes to be used when generating new vouchers – great for Point of Sale (POS) system integration!
  • One unique voucher code is generated for each quantity of an associated product. So for example, if you create a product specifically to sell gift certificates, or you offer a gift certificate with the purchase of an existing product, or offer a coupon code with the purchase of an item, and a person puts 3 of those items in their cart, checks out, and pays for the order, then 3 unique gift voucher codes are generated and delivered via email.
  • Buyers have the option of receiving the voucher codes themselves or having those codes delivered to the recipient of their choice — all via ermail, instantly
  • When shoppers purchase multiple vouchers they can opt to email them directly to multiple recipients using simple form fields on the checkout page
  • Voucher form fields on the checkout page form fields can be fully customized
  • Each shopper’s My Account page has a list of all available vouchers along with type, amount, and other associated data
  • Manage all your voucher codes from the WooCommerce coupons interface.
  • Optionally set your coupon/discount related voucher codes for single one-time use, or allow them to be used multiple times.
  • Optionally set your gift certificates / store credits to automatically be deleted when the balance reaches zero.
  • Optionally set your gift certificates / store credits to expire on a specific date.
  • Optionally set the number of days after purchase that your gift certificates / store credits ( and coupons ) expire.
  • Optionally set your gift  certificates / store credits so that they can only be used by the buyer. Otherwise anyone with the voucher code can use it.
  • Set your own voucher code prefixes, which helps you easily determine which codes are related to which product sales.
  • You control all product settings in an easy-to-use custom meta box available on the WooCommerce product editor page.
  • Customize your certificates to fit your brand by editing the included email template and adjusting plugin settings.
  • Customize many aspects of the email template right from your WordPress dashboard by adjusting the plugin settings. For example, change the message subject, header text, and more.
  • Optionally enable the PDF vouchers feature to create totally custom gift certificates, gift cards, and vouchers. The plugin comes with a complete Voucher Template editor to create a nearly unlimited array of styles. Attach any number of voucher styles to a product and buyers can select the style they prefer. Great for selling gift certificates for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions!
  • Optionally include QR Codes in your gift certificates / vouchers. Great for issuing printed certificates for  purchases in a street-front  store.
  • Optionally insert barcodes into your PDF vouchers – great for integrating into a Point of Sale (POS) system!
  • Powerful reporting interface lets you generate a list of all codes issued to date. Report data includes code, buyer, order number, date of purchase, type of voucher, amount of voucher, and recipient information. And, you can easily search within a report to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, you can export your reports to CSV, Excel, PDF, clipboard, or print – all with one click of a button!
  • Preview your email template right from your WordPress dashboard – without having to place a test order first.
  • Preview your PDF voucher styles right from your WordPress dashboard – without having to place a test order first.
  • View voucher numbers, voucher recipients, and voucher balance directly from within an order.
  • Update voucher balances directly from within an order.
  • Optionally use your own custom voucher codes
  • Complete support for UTF-8 characters in vouchers
  • Optionally disable sending vouchers via email. Great for companies that want to use regular mail to deliver vouchers
  • Optionally generate a custom PDF gift certificate voucher any time, useful when you want to send gift certificate by postal mail
  • And more!
  • PLUS – our 5-star support via email and phone.

See the screenshots tab above!

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Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.0 and newer
Latest version: 3.8.12
WooCommerce Gift Certificate Product SettingsView and edit and gift certificates issued to dateWooCommerce Gift Certificates - General SettingsWooCommerce Gift Certificates - Message Header SettingsWooCommerce Gift Certificates - QR Code and Message Body SettingsVouchers are listed on My Account PageWooCommerce Gift Certificate Voucher Forms on Checkout PageWooCommerce Gift Certificates - Email Message PreviewWooCommerce Gift Certificates - Reporting InterfaceWooCommerce Gift Certificate PDF Voucher Sample

We keep all of our software up to date with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you don't see any recent changes below it's because none have become necessary!

v3.8.12 - February 12, 2024

	Readjust code fix for the October 18, 2023 fixed - Ensure that the available_codes variable is array before calling array_map.

	Ensure product_ids key exists in the server POST array before parsing when editing a product

v3.8.11 - December 22, 2023

	When downloading a voucher in an order from within the WP admin area swap the placeholder '%#%#%#' with an ampersand in the voucher message if necessary

v3.8.10 - October 18, 2023

	Ensure that the available_codes variable is array before calling array_map.
	Add new "Purchase Date" field for voucher templates.

v3.8.9 - August 2, 2023

	Avoid flushing rewrite rules on init hook, moved to plugin activation hook
	When parsing the order item products for gift cert products, if a product is a variation then load the parent product to check its settings

v3.8.8 - July 12, 2023

	Fix operand types error in get_formatted_price() to avoid multiplying a string times an int

v3.8.7 - June 14, 2023

	High performance order storage (HPOS) compatibility
	WooCommerce 7.8 compatibility
	PHP 8.1 compatibility

v3.8.6 - June 12, 2023

	Add setting to allow QR Code to contain the voucher code

v3.8.5 - April 20, 2023

	Adjust code added in v3.8.4 to better ensure $item_receivers_meta is set with empty array elements if the meta does not exist in the order

v3.8.4 - April 12, 2023

	Ensure $item_receivers_meta is set with empty array elements if the meta does not exist in the order

v3.8.3 - February 20, 2023

	Changed "wp_head" action hook to "wp" in class-pricer.php for adding actions to insert the price input field. 
	WooCommerce 7.4 compatibility
v3.8.2 - November 18, 2022

	Re-add the discount amount after an order is updated in the admin area

v3.8.1 - November 8, 2022

	Declare compatibility with WC Custom Order Tables/High Performance Order System (COT/HPOS)
	Decode HTML entities in product names

v3.8 - November 2, 2022

	WooCommerce 7.1 compatibility 
	WooCommerce custom order tables compatibility
	Ensure $post is an object when calling ign_maybe_download_voucher_from_order()

v3.7.2 - May 18, 2022

	Remove our "woocommerce_after_calculate_totals" action hook when the action runs, helps ensure it only runs once
	Add new filter "ignitewoo_gift_cert_message_subject" to allow modifying the message subject dynamically

v3.7.1 - March 22, 2022

	Replace deprecated method "get_product_from_item" with "get_product"
	Remove unncessary mail hook additions when sender voucher email, helps with the Kadence email plugin

v3.7 - February 28, 2022

	PHP 8.1 compatibility 
	Updated TCPDF library to v6.4.4 for PHP 8.1 compatibility

v3.6.13 - February 22, 2022

	WooCommerce 6.0 compatibility
	PHP 8 compatibility

	Ensure that the status "wc-completed" is set correct during processing when the order status trigger is to "Completed"
	Replace double quote characters with single quotes in product short description to avoid json_decode() errors
	Fix missing "message to recipient" label on the checkout page gift cert form
	Avoid setting or getting product properties directly (when a product is configured to let the shopper set their own amount)

	Added new voucher template field for Order ID
v3.6.12 - November 10, 2021

	Run the 'woocommerce_after_calculate_totals' hook at a later priority so that plugin like Avatax can add their taxes first before we discount the order total
	Decode html entities when inserting the product short description into a PDF voucher
v3.6.11 - July 28, 2021

	Handle Unicode chars when calling json_encode to insert params into the "Download voucher" link

v3.6.10 - June 17, 2021

	Fix query syntax used to display "Voucher" meta box in a single order view

v3.6.9 - May 28, 2021

	Fix missing apostrophe in a SQL query, inadvertantly left missing in v3.6.8

v3.6.8 - May 24, 2021

	Updated post type JS to use parents() instead of hasParent()
	Updated voucher.js to ensure "name" variable is set, otherwise don't process
	Update all direct SQL queries to use single quotes for variables for MySQL ANSI_QUOTES support

v3.6.7 - April 29, 2021

	Disable font subsetting in TCPDF, helps with language encoding
	Ensure coupon and product exists when rendering the order page in the WP admin area
	Adjusted voucher code count after issuing a voucher when using your own codes, helps avoid sending "low codes" notices unnecessarily
v3.6.6 - January 12, 2021

	Ensure regular coupons issued by the plugin auto-delete if configured to do so in the settings
	Updated do_action call in voucher email template for WC 4.9 compatibility

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