WooCommerce is great ecommerce platform – the best available in so far as I know. However, if you’re running or building an online store there are a few things you should be aware of that can increase your sales by simply not doing them. Less is more when it comes to your store (oh hey, that rhymes!), so I’m going to fill you in on 5 things to avoid doing because more often than not […]

If you haven’t already heard the news, the makers of WordPress – Automattic – announced that they’ve reached a deal to acquire WooThemes, including WooCommerce. This is great news for WooThemes, Automattic, and all users of WordPress and WooCommerce. Our sincere congratulations to everyone at both companies in becoming one consolidated company. Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress and the leader at Automattic, said in a blog post “In the past few years, WooCommerce really distinguished […]

It’s April 1st, and no – this post is not a prank! In March we really did release seven new extensions for WooCommerce. That brings the total number of plugins we offer up to a whopping 60!  As such, we are now the most prolific independent developers of WooCommerce extensions. Here’s a quick overview of the new tools we have for you: First up, we have 3 new shipping plugins that can be used in […]

If you’ve ever tried to set up a store that needs to implement WooCommerce drop shipping then you know how tough that can be. Previously about as far as you could get was posting products and using the advanced notifications plugin to send email to various drop shippers when something sold. That’s fine, but, if you did that were the shipping cost you charge your shoppers correct? Probably not. In days gone by there wasn’t […]

After a long delay, we finally released our first free plugin: Event Calendar & Ticketing. Now available in the WordPress plugin repository. WordPress Event Calendar & WooCommerce Ticketing doesn’t have to be accomplished. Event Calendar & Ticketing is a super powerful base events calendar plugin. It supports venues, organizers, sponsors, and speakers. And it support start and end dates, plus event prices if your events cost money to attend. This events calendar plugin is designed […]

Looking for a way to conduct WordPress auctions? Looking for a WooCommerce auction plugin? You’ve come to the right place. WooCommerce Auctions is a WordPress auctions plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce – arguably the most powerful, most popular, most flexible free ecommerce platform ever built for WordPress. With WooCommerce and WooCommerce Auctions you can quickly turn your WordPress site into an auction site powerhouse with incredible flexibility and diverse functionality. When choosing an auction plugin […]

WooCommerce Adaptive Payments WooCommerce Split Payments WooCommerce Parallel Payments WooCommerce Chained Payments NOTE: As of January 1, 2019  PayPal is retiring its entire Adaptive Payments service and replacing with it their newer PayPal Payouts service. We’ve built a new plugin for WooCommerce that uses PayPal Payouts to handle splitting payments. Be sure to check it out. The remainder of the information in the article below pertains to PayPal Adaptive Payments, for those of you that […]

WooCommerce 2.0.1 was released on Monday, March 4, 2013 and the new platform is a significant upgrade and while people are typically excited to upgrade plugins and use new features, proceed with caution because there’s no way to roll back the upgrade unless you have a backup of your site. Some of the new features in 2.x include a revamped product data panel, multiple downloads per product, and more.  And from a developers perspective the […]

WooCommerce Auctions, a great way to sell stuff! Looking for a great WooCommerce auction solution, or a great WordPress auction plugin? We’ve got one for you in the pipeline. Currently in development, our WooCommerce Auctions plugin will let you conduct regular auctions ( like eBay ) plus reverse auctions – which are auctions where buyers are looking for something and sellers do the bidding to win the business of the buyer. Packed with features and […]

Do you all really answer the phone? Yes!  Call our toll-free support line and see for yourself.   Are your plugins built in-house and are they top quality? We don’t farm out our code development. All of our plugins are developed in-house by our team of expert professional developers. We’ve been developing code for WordPress for almost 10 years, and we’ve been developing code for WooCommerce since it was first released in 2011. We know […]