WordPress Auctions & WooCommerce Auction Plugin

Looking for a way to conduct WordPress auctions?

Looking for a WooCommerce auction plugin?

You’ve come to the right place. WooCommerce Auctions is a WordPress auctions plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce – arguably the most powerful, most popular, most flexible free ecommerce platform ever built for WordPress. With WooCommerce and WooCommerce Auctions you can quickly turn your WordPress site into an auction site powerhouse with incredible flexibility and diverse functionality.

When choosing an auction plugin or auction theme for your WordPress site, you might want to keep these important points in mind:

  • Theme-based auction software limits your ability to design the site the way you want it to look.
  • Auction plugins are limited in their flexibility since they are not generally easy to extend.
  • Both theme-based and plugin-based auction software for WordPress have very limited payment methods and very limited shipping methods.
  • Support from developers of either of those solutions is limited and slow by comparison.

WooCommerce Auctions doesn’t have those limitations. WooCommerce Auctions supports over 100 payment gateways and over 25 shipping methods. In fact, you can use any payment gateway and shipping method supported by WooCommerce. 

And, you can use nearly any theme you like as long as it interoperates with WooCommerce to reasonable extent – so you don’t necessarily need a specialized WordPress auction theme. WooCommerce comes with its own templates and typically works with most well-designed themes, so the range of choices for how your site can look right out of the box are nearly endless. And, WooCommerce Auctions comes with customizable template files that work out of the box as-is, or if you want a specialized look to your auction pages then you can readily customize those template files without losing your modifications when you upgrade the software.

Plus with WooCommerce Auctions you can conduct regular auctions, reverse auctions, silent auctions, and private auctions.

Want to run a public auction site and allow people to post their own auctions on your site? No problem. We’ve got an add-on for that.

Want to take a commission on every auction item sale on your site while splitting the payment with someone else? No problem, we’ve got an add-on for that too.

And, most importantly, WooCommerce Auctions comes with unbeatable stellar support from IgniteWoo.com. We provide reliable support via email and phone, so the answers to your questions are delivered promptly.

Before you make a purchase of any WordPress auction plugin or WordPress auction theme do this simple test: Try to contact the developers via their contact or support channel and measure how long it takes to get a response. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Have questions before you make a purchase WooCommerce Auctions? No problem – use the Contact page here on our site where you can write us a message and view 2 phone numbers that you can call to get a speedier answer during typical US business hours, and on weekends too.