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A great way to have your vendors pay to post or feature products in your marketplace stores.


WooCommerce Vendor Marketplace Pro – Pay to Post works with our WooCommerce Vendor Marketplace Pro software to allow you to charge your vendors to post products and/or feature products in your marketplace.


How pay to post and pay to feature works:

Whether you’re charging to post products, or charging to feature products, or both, the overall operation works the same way. You sell credits as products in your store at any price you want, and you determine how many credits are required to post a single product or feature a single product. Then vendors can buy the credits, and each time they post a new product or feature an existing product they are debited the corresponding number of credits. It’s that simple.

When a vendors logs in and views their dashboard they can view the available balance of credits in the Credits section of the dashboard. They also see an informational display that tells them how many credits are required to post a product or feature a product.  And, in that same section the vendor can easily add more credits to the cart and then go through checkout to purchase the credits.

You, as the site administrator, control whether to enable paying to post and paying to feature. You can enable both, or either one by itself. So for example, maybe you want to charge vendors to post products but you don’t want vendors to feature products. No problem, simply disable the pay to feature option in the Vendor MarketPlace Pro settings.


Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.0 and newer

Current plugin version: 3.0





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Version 3.0 - November 27, 2017

	Initial public release
Version 2.0

	In-house testing and development 

Version 1.0

	In-house testing and development

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Charge your vendors money to post products on your site when using Vendor Marketplace Pro.

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