So you’ve set up an eCommerce store using WordPress and WooCommerce, or you’re thinking about setting one up- now you probably wonder about how to market your store to the right buyers and how to turn your customers into repeat buyers to increase your revenue.  Here’s some interesting information for you to seriously consider: It’s extremely effective to market to your existing customer base. According to email delivery specialist Listrak, increasing your customer retention by […]

We’ve been hard at work creating a new PayPal Payments Advanced payment gateway for WooCommerce. The plugin lets  you create a a quick, seamless checkout process where customers never leave your site. If you’re familar with PayPal Payments Pro, then you’ll see how Payments Advanced works in a similar fashion – but with a lower cost. Right now PayPal is only charging $5 per month for use of Payments Advanced, whereas Payments Pro will cost […]

We’ve had our Gift Certificate plugin for WooCommerce in development and live testing since February 2012, and so it’s been in action on a few live “beta tester” sites for quite some time. However, we recently learned that some aspects of the plugin need to be updated to work with the latest version of WooCommerce, primarily due to previous changes in the underlying code of the WooCommerce product editor interface. In short, we want to […]

After a long wait we’ve finally finished building our new WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro plugin! This great plugin lets you sell gift certificates as individual standalone products, or you can bundle a gift certificate, store credit code, or coupon code to any existing product. It’s flexible and easy to use. Here’s a summary of features: Add gift certificates / store credit / coupon codes to any product, and when someone buys that product they automatically […]

Hey folks! We’ve just released a new plugin, ShipWorks Pro for WooCommerce. The plugin is incredibly easy to use: Just activate the plugin, configure the settings, copy the endpoint URL and configure it into your ShipWorks desktop software, and you’re done! From that point on your ShipWorks desktop software can keep itself in sync with your WooCommerce store orders. Plus, when you generate a shipper tracking number or add order notes in ShipWorks that information […]

Sometimes you might want to increase the number of  products shown per page. Doing this is fairly simple, even for a novice or non-PHP oriented person. What you need to do is add a function and a filter (shown below). It’s probably best place it in your theme’s functions.php file. Copy the code below and change “20” to the number of products per page that you want to display in your store. [crayon lang=php tab-size=4] […]