Marketing Your Woommerce eCommerce Site

So you’ve set up an eCommerce store using WordPress and WooCommerce, or you’re thinking about setting one up- now you probably wonder about how to market your store to the right buyers and how to turn your customers into repeat buyers to increase your revenue.  Here’s some interesting information for you to seriously consider:

It’s extremely effective to market to your existing customer base. According to email delivery specialist Listrak, increasing your customer retention by 2% has the same effect on your profits as  decreasing your costs by 10%. Not only that, but Listrak also says that reducing your customer drop-off rate by 5% can  increase your profits by an average of 25% !

Clearly it’s beneficial to market to your existing customers. Need more incentive? Listrak points out that post-purchase email campaigns are more effective than any other email campaigns when it comes to how many times your messages are opened, how many people click the links in those messages, and how many people buy more products from you as a result of those messages.

There are a number of different campaign types that you could send based on various triggers. For example, Loyalty programs return incentives such as coupons, product care and instructions, requesting product reviews, conducting surveys, recommending products, cross-sells and upsells, purchase anniversaries, product replenishment, and more.

According to marketing guru Amy Africa, as quoted by fellow marketing guru Ken Magill, “The thing about triggers …. is you get a higher response rate, better deliverability by far and improved lifetime profit,” Amy said. “The great thing about them is you design them once, tweak them a little and they last for years. I have clients who have been mailing the same thing since 1998.  An average triggered email should outperform a marketer’s best broadcast email by four to six times, she added.”

All of those serve as great reasons to start sending your post-purchase email campaigns right away. So how do you get that done?

Fortunately, we have a great plugin for WooCommerce that can automate that entire process.

Post-Purchase Follow-up is a brand new plugin for WooCommerce that we’ve been working on for quite some time. And it’s ready for your use right now.

This workhorse plugin lets you easily configure unlimited numbers of post-purchase follow-up messages that can be automatically delivered to your customers using a wide variety of trigger conditions.

You can automatically send follow-up messages a certain number of days after someone buys a product, or send a message on a specific day of the year, or send a message on the anniversary of a customer’s first purchase – or on the anniversary of every purchase.

You can also send messages when specific products are purchased, or when products from specific product categories are purchased, or when a shopper abandons their cart!

Plus, you can automatically attach any number of coupons to your follow-up messages, and you can configure those coupons with an ample range of settings because the coupon generator in Post-Purchase Follow-up is identical to the coupon system built into WooCommerce!

To top that all off, Post-Purchase Follow-up lets you insert your own tracking code, and it will add its own tracking code to count how many total messages were sent  and how many of your customers open your messages, so you get a good idea of how effective your follow-up messages are.

And, all messages are delivered using the built-in WooCommerce email template where you enjoy complete control over how your messages look, including the all-important branding aspects.

Ready to increase your revenue?

Get your copy of Post-Purchase Follow-up for Woocommerce now!