PayPal Payments Advanced for WooCommerce!

We’ve been hard at work creating a new PayPal Payments Advanced payment gateway for WooCommerce. The plugin letsĀ  you create a a quick, seamless checkout process where customers never leave your site.

If you’re familar with PayPal Payments Pro, then you’ll see how Payments Advanced works in a similar fashion – but with a lower cost. Right now PayPal is only charging $5 per month for use of Payments Advanced, whereas Payments Pro will cost you at least $30 per month.

PayPal Payments Advanced for WooCommerce is easy to use. As always, when you get your copy be sure review README file carefully and follow the instruction provided.

This new plugin is slated for released on July 25, 2012 – so if you need this tool for your store or your customers’ stores then mark your calendar.


Available now!

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