WordPress Event Calendar & WooCommerce Ticketing

After a long delay, we finally released our first free plugin: Event Calendar & Ticketing. Now available in the WordPress plugin repository.

WordPress Event Calendar & WooCommerce Ticketing doesn’t have to be accomplished.

Event Calendar & Ticketing is a super powerful base events calendar plugin. It supports venues, organizers, sponsors, and speakers. And it support start and end dates, plus event prices if your events cost money to attend.

This events calendar plugin is designed specifically to integrate with our WooEvents Pro plugin. So, you can start posting events on your site now, and if you later decide to start selling tickets online then you can make that step easily by simply using WooEvents Pro and WooCommerce.

The base Event Calendar & Ticketing plugin lets you publish any number of events on your site; easily integrate a responsive calendar into any post or page on your site using a simple shortcode;  easily manage event categories and tags; easily manage venues, organizers, speakers, and sponsors, including featured images, embedded videos, file attachments, bio, description, address, contact info, and more; optionally add venues, organizers, speakers, and sponsors to any event; easily display a Google Map to your venue location; view events by day, week, month, category, tag, venue, organizer, sponsor, and speaker. And it fully supports WordPress custom post type templates, so you can customize the event details template HTML and CSS to fit your theme and customize the calendar CSS to fit your theme.

Of course the plugin produces event pages that include Schema.org microdata for better SEO of your event pages. And, it has full international language support for translators. Plus, it include an Upcoming Events widget.

WooCommerce Ticketing

Now on to the best part. WooEvents Pro is a full blow highly scalable high performance event ticketing system designed entirely around WooCommerce. It’s directly integrated. This isn’t a shim, or hack, or workaround. It’s straight up deep integration.

This means not only can you sell tickets to events, but you can build anything from a simple, basic, one day one hour event to a full multi-day conference with multiple tracks, sessions, sponsors, organizers, and speakers.

So for example, lets say you’re Apple and you want to sell tickets to your next Apple conference online. And the conference spans 5 days, has 25 sessions, and each session has between 4 and 8, and the entire conference has many different sponsors that want to sponsor different parts of the of the conference – some want to sponsor specific sessions and some want to sponsor the entire conference.

No problem. You can do that.

It’s lean, powerful, and honestly, we think it kicks some serious arse.

And, there’s nothing else like it.