WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Pro

Needs a WooCommerce PDF invoice and packing slip solution?

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Pro lets you easily deliver PDF invoices to your customers automatically or on demand. And you store managers can print packing slips to expedite order processing.

Just configure the plugin settings and you’re done.

Print Invoices

For invoices, every paid order receipt email will have an invoice attached in PDF file format.

Shop managers can also manually resend invoices at any time by using the “Customer Invoice” action when editing an order. You can also download a copy of the invoice for your own records when editing an order. And, customers can print a copy of their invoice at any time directly from their My Account page.

The plugin settings page lets you upload your logo, set your company name and address, and contact information, and include your Tax ID number if you need to. If you’re in a country that uses VAT taxes then you can also include your VAT id number, your registered company name, and your registered company number. And you can set a custom date format to be displayed in the invoice.

By default the invoice includes your company contact info, the buyer’s billing and shipping information, order status, the payment method, the shipping method, the order items, quantities, taxes, and order notes. See the sample invoice in the screenshots below.

The invoice and packing slip templates are fully customizable. Just copy them to your theme directory (as explained in the related documentation ), and edit the HTML and CSS to suit your needs. For example, you can add or remove order data, change the colors, fonts, etc, just like you were editing a Web page. You can also use Google fonts to stylize your invoice if you want.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Pro works with our Tax Exempt extension  and the EU VAT extension from WooThemes. When either of those are in use the customer’s Tax ID or VAT ID will appear on the invoice  in the billing information section. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Pro also works with the Sequential Order Numbers extension from WooThemes. The general invoice content complies with both USA and EU invoice standards ( as defined as of December 2013 ), if your country requires sequential invoice numbers and / or VAT ID information on invoices then you will need to use additional extensions we just mentioned. And you can also use this plugin with our WooCommerce Vendor Stores plugin so that shoppers receive a PDF invoice when they place and order.

Print Packing Slips

The packing slip displays the order contents without prices and totals, optionally lets you display a box for the person packing the order to initial, and lets you define header logo, you business contact information, and policies you might want to appear on the packing slip, and even a footer image if you want one. You can also optionally display the description for variations.

The packing slip template is fully a customizable so you can modify it to suit your needs.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Pro works with our Ship to Multiple Addresses plugin too, so when an address has multiple shipping addresses and you print a packing slips you’ll get an individual packing slip for each set of items related to a shipping address in the order.

You can also use this plugin with our WooCommerce Vendor Stores plugin to allow vendors to print packing slips for their orders.

Print Invoices or Packing Slips in bulk

The plugin lets you generate invoices or packing slips in bulk. Just select the orders you want, choose Invoices or Packing Slips, and click the button to generate the PDF. It’s that easy.

Invoices & Packing Slips, What They Look Like

Have a look at some screenshots of WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Pro.

In this screenshot you see a portion of the “Orders” area in WooCommerce as seen in the WordPress admin area. Each order has a new Print Invoice button and Packing Slip button ( in the image below it’s to the right of the invoice button ) and when clicked a button will download a copy of the invoice or packing slip to your computer.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice - Orders List VIew
WooCommerce PDF Invoice – Orders List VIew


When viewing or editing an order in WooCommerce the Order Actions area has two new buttons, Print Invoice and Packing Slip ( to the right of the Print Invoice button ), which downloads a copy of the invoice or packing slip to your computer for printing, or for sending to someone. If you want to automatically resend a copy of the invoice to the customer simply select Customer Invoice from the dropdown list and click the circle icon to trigger the invoice to be sent.


WooCommerce PDF Invoice - Order Actions
WooCommerce PDF Invoice – Order Actions


When customers view their My Account page the Recent Orders sections lists all of their recent orders. Each order item has an Invoice button that when clicked downloads a copy of the invoice to the customers computer.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice - My Account Page
WooCommerce PDF Invoice – My Account Page


Here’s a sample of the default invoice with fictitious data and the IgniteWoo logo. You can easily upload your logo directly from the plugin’s settings page. The invoice template is fully customizable.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice - Sample Invoice
WooCommerce PDF Invoice – Sample Invoice


And here’s a screenshot of a sample packing slip, again with fictitious information.

WooCommerce PDF Packing Slip Sample
WooCommerce PDF Packing Slip Sample


Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and newer

Current version: 3.2

We keep all of our software up to date with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you don't see any recent changes below it's because none have become necessary!

Version 3.2 - February 21, 2024

	WooCommerce 8 compatibility
	High performance order system (HPOS) compatibility

Version 3.1.8 - June 22, 2023

	Convert logo URL to file path to use with file_get_contents(), helps on sites that do not allow opening a URL via that function.
	Update packing slip and invoice template files to use the new logo conversion

Version 3.1.7 - April 26, 2023

	Update TCPDF to v6.6.2
	PHP 8 compatibility
	WooCommerce 7 compatibility

Version 3.1.6 - January 2, 2023

	Updated invoice template to correctly display fee lines

Version 3.1.5 - April 4, 2022

	Itemize order taxes in the invoice template 
	Use newer way of displaying order item meta in the packing slip template
	WooCommerce 6 compatibility
Version 3.1.4 - September 17, 2021

	Use get_shipping_method() to get the name of shipping option associated with an order

Version 3.1.3 - April 15, 2021

	Use get_id() when getting order ID number

Version 3.1.2 - February 10, 2021

	Ensure paper size setting is used correctly. 

Version 3.1.1 - January 4, 2021

	Remove "Tax rate" column from PDF packing slip
	Ensure bulk generation of packing slips and invoices do not duplicate PDF content for the selected orders

Version 3.1 - September 10, 2020

	New feature: Generate invoices and packing slips in bulk.

Version 3.0.20 - August 12, 2020

	Do not close open PHP buffers opened by other themes and plugins

Version 3.0.19 - June 30, 2020

	Renamed plugin subdirectory to avoid naming conflicts with similar plugins
	Changed the initialization sequence when checking to determine whether to create a test invoice 
	Removed unused fonts

Version 3.0.18 - February 22, 2020

	Switch the Deja Vu font to support latin characters

Version 3.0.17 - January 3, 2020

	Adjusted settings integration hook 
	Ensure correct number of parameters passed to get_packing_content() when viewing an order

Version 3.0.16 - December 1, 2019

	Updated settings for WooCommerce 3.8+ compatibility

Version 3.0.15 - October 15, 2019

	Use require instead of require_once, this way the template always loads if more than one email is sent for any reason

Version 3.0.14 - August 21, 2019

	Ensure PDF file name is different for invoices and packing slips
	Allow translations of PDF file name 
	Allow filtering of PDF file name (filter name is "ignitewoo_ips_pdf_filename" and receives 1 param: $filename )

Version 3.0.13 - July 24, 2019

	Adjusted settings code so that a sample invoice can be generated

Version 3.0.12 - January 23, 2019

	Updated the invoice template and css styling

Version 3.0.11 - January 16, 2019

	Avoid accessing order status property directly, instead use get_status()

Version 3.0.10 - November 19, 2018

	Fixed HTML parsing for the packing slip when multi-address shipping is used via IgniteWoo's Use My Shipper

Version 3.0.9 - August 31, 2018

	Ensure TCPDF isn't already loaded before trying to load it

Version 3.0.8 - July 27, 2018

	Corrected parameter used to get the custom stylesheet URL

Version 3.0.7 - July 27, 2018

	Updated CSS to improve formatting of item meta data
	Ensure that checking for the existance of custom stylesheet for a PDF invoice inspects the file system directly, not via URL

Version 3.0.6 - July 25, 2018

	Ensure that the current theme path is obtained correctly so that locating custom invoice templates succeeds

Version 3.0.5 - June 4, 2018

	Added setting to allow showing a variation's description in packing slips

Version 3.0.4 - May 18, 2018

	Display fees in the invoice 

Version 3.0.3 - April 17, 2018

	Adjusted template HTML and CSS
	Added setting to enable displaying SKU numbers in packing slips

Version 3.0.2 - October 30, 2017

	Added new setting to disable showing prices and totals in packing slips

Version 3.0.1 - July 21, 2017

	Updated to support IgniteWoo's Ship to Multiple Addresses extension

Version 3.0 - June 16, 2017

	Updated to support WooCommerce 3.x
	Updated to support IgniteWoo's Vendor Marketplace Pro

Version 2.3.5 - June 10, 2015

	Updated to ensure the vendor's logo is loaded if one exists

Version 2.3.4 - June 10, 2015

	Set output buffer when generating packing slip - helps with compatibility with Vendor Stores

Version 2.3.3 - February 10, 2015

	Adjust temp dir retrieval to work on servers where the site is a virual host with open_basedir restrictions

Version 2.3.2 - October 21, 2014

	Tweaked the My Account order action button

Version 2.3.1 - October 2, 2014

	Tweaked post status queries for WC 2.2

Version 2.3 - September 22, 2014

	WooCommerce 2.2 compatibility

Version 2.2.6 - April 24, 2014

	Added UTF-8 meta tag to PDF invoice template header, helps with non-English language characters.

Version 2.2.5 - April 23, 2014

	Set the PDF for packing slips rendering to use DejaVu font to ensure non-English language characters renders properly
Version 2.2.4 - April 23, 2014

	Set the PDF rendering for invoices to use DejaVu font to ensure non-English language characters renders properly

Version 2.2.3 - April 22, 2014

	Fixed typo in the packing slip

Version 2.2.2 - April 6, 2014

	Fixed variable reference for empty() function call

Version 2.2.1 - April 4, 2014

	Updated to support IgniteWoo's Vendor Stores plugin - vendors can print packing slips from their dashboard if that setting is turned on in the Vendor Stores plugin

Version 2.2 - April 3, 2014

	Major update: Merged IgniteWoo's Packings Slips plugin into this plug

Version 2.1.5 - January 21, 2014

	WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility
	Tweaked a few strings for translations
Version 2.1.4 - January 15, 2013

	Tweaked PDF processing to only run if invoice has content

Version 2.1.3 - January 8, 2013

	Tweaked template for better performance
	Tweaked tax percentage calculation

Version 2.1.2 - January 4, 2013

	Tweaked 2 strings that had the incorrect langauge text domains

Version 2.1.1 - December 27, 2013
	Reset PHP time limit to avoid timeouts on servers that have short PHP run times

Version 2.1 - December 1, 2013

	Initital public release

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