WooCommerce Tier Pricing Filters WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Filters

Looking for WooCommerce tiered pricing filters?

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Filters works with our WooCommerce Tiered Pricing extension to let you filter the way products are displayed and how products are taxed in your store based on who is viewing the store.

The plugin introduces three new settings: Tiered Filtering, Retail Filtering, and Tax control.

[well]When Tiered Filtering is enabled and a user is logged with an account that has one of your tiered pricing roles then that user will only see products that have a tiered price set for their role. When this filtered is not enabled the user will see all products in your store.[/well] [well]When Retail Filtering is enabled and shopper is not logged in or is logged in as a regular customer then any products that do not have a regular price set will not be displayed to the shopper. When this filter is not enabled then the shopper sees all products in your store as they normally would.[/well] [well]For tax control when a shopper is logged in with a tiered pricing role you can choose how to display prices in the shop, how to display prices in the cart and checkout, and indicate whether you entered your tiered prices including tax or excluding tax. These 3 settings are identical to the tax settings built into WooCommerce itself, except that these settings in the Tiered Pricing Filters plugin only affect users logged in with one of your tiered roles.[/well]

This plugin requires the use of our WooCommerce Tiered Pricing plugin.

Compatible with WooCommerce 2.x and newer.




We keep all of our software up to date with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you don't see any recent changes below it's because none have become necessary!

Version 2.1.2 - May 21, 2014

	Rewrote tax handlers
	Added new settings for new tax handlers

Version 2.1.1 - May 21, 2014

	Added checks to avoid filtering when the user is in the admin area of WordPress

Version 2.1 - May 20, 2014

	Initial public release

Version 1.x

	Private development and testing

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Works with our WooCommerce Tiered Pricing extension to let you control product display and taxation.

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