March 2014 Plugin Releases

It’s April 1st, and no – this post is not a prank! In March we really did release seven new extensions for WooCommerce. That brings the total number of plugins we offer up to a whopping 60!  As such, we are now the most prolific independent developers of WooCommerce extensions.… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Drop Shipping

If you’ve ever tried to set up a store that needs to implement WooCommerce drop shipping then you know how tough that can be. Previously about as far as you could get was posting products and using the advanced notifications plugin to send email to various drop shippers when something… Continue reading »

WordPress Event Calendar & WooCommerce Ticketing

After a long delay, we finally released our first free plugin: Event Calendar & Ticketing. Now available in the WordPress plugin repository. WordPress Event Calendar & WooCommerce Ticketing doesn’t have to be accomplished. Event Calendar & Ticketing is a super powerful base events calendar plugin. It supports venues, organizers, sponsors,… Continue reading »

WordPress Auctions & WooCommerce Auction Plugin

Looking for a way to conduct WordPress auctions? Looking for a WooCommerce auction plugin? You’ve come to the right place. WooCommerce Auctions is a WordPress auctions plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce – arguably the most powerful, most popular, most flexible free ecommerce platform ever built for WordPress. With WooCommerce and… Continue reading »

WooCommerce Adaptive Payments, Split Payments, Parallel Payments, and Chained Payments

WooCommerce Adaptive Payments WooCommerce Split Payments WooCommerce Parallel Payments WooCommerce Chained Payments We’ve been hard at work building a much need set of plugins for WooCommerce that will be very useful for those of you that want to share sales payments between two or more people. Lets say for example… Continue reading »